A Trip to Ireland

2016-03-05 17.56.09

Well, it has been sometime since we last wrote a post. Part of the reason for this is that we will only write something when we have something to say.  Obvious I guess. However, it is important because we can often confuse information with revelation. Information about God is so freely available today.

We have been freshly reminded lately that ‘salvation life’ is all about ‘knowing God’  and that knowing is, of course always experiential. We wanted to share a little about our time in Ireland recently. It was relaxing, encouraging, life filled and a great opportunity to catch up with some very dear friends.

A Heart Priority to follow Jesus

It is always so heart warming for Jenny and I to be with believing believers who love Jesus and have set their hearts as a priority to follow him. Being with people like that is like being washed and refreshed. Conversation is a conduit of life-teaching. It beats the routine monologue!

A friend of ours was talking about an aspect of God’s character which he felt was missing amongst God’s people in general and himself in particular. It is important that we are made aware of God’s character and the need to emulate him in our speaking and living.2016-03-04 12.22.26

Hearing and Walking

However, another friend also involved in the same conversation shared with us that although we need to be aware of the character of God it is vital that we ‘hear from the Lord’  We cannot live out our lives whether in word or deed unless we are living out of God’s spoken words to us. He reminded us of the statement in Romans, “those who are led by the spirit of God, are sons of God.”  One of the marks of sonship is that we are hearing and walking in the ‘steps of the Lord.’

Teaching through Conversation

In another conversation with a friend over the weekend he commented that he was a cautious man and could not ‘walk on the water!’ My immediate reply to him was, “None of us can walk on the water unless we hear the spirit of God calling us to that!”

2016-03-05 16.08.22He of course was speaking metaphorically, but the same is true for all things. If Jesus made it clear that he could do nothing unless he heard it from his Father – how much more you and I?

Another key element of kingdom life is friendships. Jenny and I have been deeply blessed with amazing friends. These God given connections bring life and hope. They make us realise we are not alone as we walk this road less travelled. We are so grateful for these friendships. How good the Lord is to build his church in a way that is much bigger than our plans and ideas.

A Special Time

2016-03-06 16.03.00

Our week in Ireland was such a special time. It was for us a time of much encouragement, rest, wholesome and up building conversations. It was a particular joy to see friends who have been through difficult times in the last couple of years and yet living so fully in God’s grace. How good the Lord is in every way!