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About Us


Thank you for taking time out of your busy lifestyle to visit Hislife. Our hope is that this site will provide you with encouragement to continue your walk with Jesus. Wisdom to distinguish between what is helpful on the road of life and an utter dependence upon His Spirit to teach us the way we are called to follow.

Hislife has been set up for those Christians who have become weary of man made church systems, religious rituals and organisational obligation. The call of Jesus was and still is today – Follow Me! It is within that following of Jesus that we learn what it means to truly experience God’s salvation life. Life without boundaries!


This remarkable and life changing Jesus has opened a way for all who would come to Him. He calls us to be Forward Pushers or Pioneers to experience what it means to grow up into His purposes. It is time to lay aside our own agenda and follow Him. It is time to give our lives away so that the world may know of His exotic love!  It is time to pray that we might have His wisdom for the challenging days ahead.

May you find your heart overflowing in a fresh love for Jesus in the coming days that spills over to touch a desperately needy world.  Let’s do it His way!

If you want to subscribe to updates click this link BLOG UPDATES and add your  email. We’ll do the rest. I have been writing a series of booklets. The first one has been completed and if you would like us to send you a copy please let us know.   Living Beyond The Borders  – Thank you.

It is encouraging  when we read about those biblical characters who have gone before us and who ‘messed up’ in the course of life. Those like Peter who looked at the waves while walking on the water and began to sink. He later protests strongly that he would follow Jesus to the death only to be told he would deny Him at the first opportunity.

The disciples wanted to send the crowds away because they had no means by which to feed the 5000. On another occasion the disciples were challenged by Jesus about their unbelief because they could not drive a demon out of a young boy when his father had begged them to!


I think we relate to weakness more readily than strength! To failure than success. We hear  talk about certain believers who are seen as ‘strong Christians’ and the ‘weaker’ believers who could not do this or that because they see themselves as weak in faith. Our perceptions of  strong Christians and churches is based upon a skewed view of the gospel and unfortunately we see image, performance and respectability as the trademarks of godliness. Jesus comes to change all of that and shows us that it is not about what we do for Him that has priority but rather embracing what He has already done for us. It is not natural strength that identifies the  believer but rather a humble heart and a learned experience to depend upon Jesus in every way! He can make our lives very precious and fragrant when we lay down the idea that we have to be strong.

We arrived in England from Cape Town, South Africa to start a new chapter in our lives. Our home is situated in Dorset. We live close to some wonderful beaches and rolling hills for walking and we would love to share them with you.


It has been an amazing and challenging journey. There is a simple way forward for those who desire to keep in step with Jesus. The outworking of His desire is not always simple but His pure grace is a constant reminder that we are not alone on this journey! We have learned so much by taking this step and there is more ahead for all who will follow The Lamb.

Our real desire is to bring encouragement to you through this site and if possible to help with that next step that Father may be wanting you to take in your own personal journey.  We do not run a church and neither do we hold regular formal meetings. Rather we are more interested in being together with other believers in the course of life.

We realise that we all see things differently. However, we believe that Father wants to have fellowship with His family without all of the trappings of religion. May you be encouraged to abandon yourself to Him who knows you just as you are and still loves you!

We would like to hear from you!

Enjoy the journey!