We need His Power

We need His Power

If you read through our last post, A Walk In the New Forest  and then link it with this one it just about sums up what has been an important part of our thinking in the last few months. 2015 has been a very challenging year for most people. Yet, we should not be at all surprised about this. Jesus says clearly,  “In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration.”

In spite of these challenges we face Jesus emphatically tells  us, “…but be of good cheer – take courage, be confident, certain, undaunted – for I have overcome the world – I have deprived it of power to harm, have conquered it [for you].”  John 16 AMP

A demonstration of the Spirit’s power

Within the last couple of weeks we have received correspondence from at least three different sources telling us of the challenges they have faced recently. Each of these folk shared something of the current or recent trials they have experienced. There was not a lot of detail, but we are aware of their situations and know the story behind the story!  But, as we read each account it was clear that although each of these people were facing difficult and challenging situations God’s power was at work within their lives.  Where problems were evident God’s power sustained them. Where sickness invaded a life we see the grace and power of God at work to heal and restore health.  Sometimes God brings about something much larger than our own needs. Others are touched and transformed by our walk with the Lord through the valleys of darkness!

We look back over the last year and think of dear friends who have faced life threatening illnesses. In the process there has been pain, uncertainty, doubt and weakness and yet through it all we hear the testimony of God’s grace and the demonstration of his power.

Our Faith rests on God’s Power and not man’s wisdom

Our lives are His. In Christ, we are never the same. In weakness we can know His strength. In sickness, we can know His health. In poverty we can know His richness. In loneliness we can know His companionship. Evil does abound on this earth. We see it at work within society. We see atrocities in every part of the world. Yet, we are reminded at this time of the year of the wonder and awe that Jesus brings to a life surrendered to Him. May this realisation be the gift you receive from His hand over this Christmas season.

“For as you know him better, He will give you, through his great power, everything you need for living a truly good life: He even shares his own glory and his goodness with us.”

May the power of His life flood your hearts and homes over this Christmas season as we celebrate together the birth of One who came to make a difference – forever!