Living Beyond The Borders

Living Beyond The Borders


Well, I mentioned in my last post that I only write when I have something to say. You’ll have to forgive me this time because I have allowed many things to overshadow our website updates. One of those things has been the publishing of our first booklet, ‘Living Beyond The Borders.’

This overshadowing activity has taken a while to write. It has grown out of wanting to draft our thoughts on how we see life in God. God’s salvation life! That perspective has come about through conversations with friends on the same road. It has been sharpened by reading The Bible,  listening for the heart of Jesus and all the time being aware to hold it all lightly. I have tried to write for those who do not read The Book too often. And, to somehow simplify the narrative of God’s Story into our modern day experience without compromising the text.

“The root meaning of salvation in Hebrew is to be broad, to become spacious, to enlarge. It carries the sense of deliverance from an existence that has become compressed, confined and cramped.” **


There is a growing desire in the hearts of many believers today to walk away from religious activity and to follow Jesus. To do His thing and not our own!  So, if our desire to please God has turned into rules, rituals and formulas then we will find ourselves captives of religious obligation.  However there is great hope, we can break free of this cloud of fuzzy thinking and experience the life transforming work of God’s grace in our lives. This is my first humble attempt to write about what it means to follow Jesus, to break free and to live life beyond those cramped borders. Stan Firth puts it well in his foreword, “The Christian life can only be lived properly if believers investigate outside the box!”

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** The Interpreters Dictionary of The Bible.