I mentioned before in a previous post about how we developed a new wildflower patch in our garden. You can reread the post HERE. Gardening has proven to be a satisfying experience and a perfect way to help maintain my fitness levels. However, as I am learning from my wife, Jenny I realize that working in the garden is not only about enjoying the beauty of the new flowers and plants but also ensuring that the condition of the soil is well maintained in order to continue experiencing new growth. Pulling out weeds, watering, and feeding as well as pruning at the right time will all contribute towards keeping our garden in good health. I must confess Jenny is the head gardener and I am a man under authority.


“Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.” [1]

Have you ever looked at a so-called plant in your garden and thought, that looks lovely, but the more experienced gardener identifies it as a harmful weed? In fact, a more experienced gardener will not only identify the weed but will take action to remove it before it takes over your garden. In learning any new skill or pastime, it is vital we remain teachable and humble. Vigilance and prompt action are essential in bringing the best out of the garden. There is just so much to learn but maintaining a keen eye over the garden will ensure health and the rewards will follow.

We worked hard in digging and raking and preparing the new wildflower garden bed which provided a beautiful flourish of colour and shape leaving us both pleased that our project had proved successful. But in our case, a different kind of plant was at work in that same flower bed that carried a deceptive beauty because it was slowly strangling the life out of our flowers. There is a story here that gives us insight into our own lives, the ways of God, and our need to be discerning and to act wisely. As we learn to trust His ways it follows that we will grow into mature followers of Jesus.


The power of discernment is absent among many churchgoers. We’ve heard this said often in conversation with other mature and observant believers. This is not the place to discuss the reasons for this lack but suffice it to say the lack of discernment hinders the maturation process within God’s people and produces a life of mediocrity rather than the fullness that Christ intended for us. Paul reminds us, “As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work.” [2]


Bindweed is true to its name by twining around plants and choking them if left to grow. This deceptive weed which I thought at first was a pretty pink or white flower strangles the life out of other real flowers if not dealt with promptly. The story of the flowers and weeds is a vivid picture of our own need to watch over our lives, our families, and our friends with utmost care. Discernment is vital in our living relationship with God to know the difference between what is toxic and what brings blessing from the Lord.

We do have an enemy who will seduce, distract and entangle us, like bindweed which looks like a flower but its deceptive beauty has the power to drain the life out of us if we do not deal with it promptly. Our relationship as friends of Jesus enables us to go confidently to Him with our cares and worries and the ‘weeds’ of our hearts. He roots out the destructive weeds and alien growth in our lives and heals the brokenness within. He restores our souls! What a wonderful God we serve. Let us, therefore, be vigilant in these difficult days, looking to Jesus to keep and sustain us. He loves to do that because it’s in His nature!

[1] Proverbs 4:23 The Message

[2] Colossians 1:9 The Message