I have already done that

How did the biblical prophets write down what they heard from heaven, describe what they saw in the spirit and how did they feel as they held these words in their hearts? Jeremiah describes his own experience with clarity. “The word of the Lord came to me, saying…”

Luke, in his account of the Jesus story, describes the time, “in the fifteenth year” and the place, “in the desert” of just how John the Baptizer received words from God. “The word of the Lord came to John, son of Zechariah in the desert.”

As believers, our priority in understanding God’s ways is to set ourselves to hear Him clearly.

Recently, on a more personal level, during a season of deep concern and anguish over the state of our world at this time, I had a vision. In this vision, I was sitting on top of a hillside looking down upon two contrasting scenes. On my left, there was a picture of chaos, confusion, anger, pain, and darkness. The scene was dark and gloomy as people wandered around aimlessly. Oh, how my heart longed so deeply for people to experience God’s liberating salvation life.

On my right, the scene was the complete opposite. Brilliant light, pulsating life, overflowing joy, a deep peace, and wholesome purpose. I saw people who had an incredible awareness of God’s redeeming love, generous kindness, and radical forgiveness. And then a cry came from within my own heart.

“How can I bring these two together?”

Then, as if in response to the cry of my heart. Suddenly, in the middle of these two contrasting scenes a figure with outstretched arms. Initially, on a cross and then as if moving forward from the cross towards me bringing the two scenes together. I can only describe this scene as an act of reconciliation, pure love, and brilliant transforming mercy.

His voice repeatedly said, “I HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT!”

I was deeply moved by this vision. Overwhelmed with gratitude, relief, and comfort.