Completing the Course

I have just completed four long weeks of radiotherapy treatment and during that time I noticed a bell hanging on the far wall in the main waiting room. The sign above the bell said,

“Well done! Please feel free to celebrate the end of your treatment by ringing this bell.”

I couldn’t wait for my turn to ring that bell! Eventually, on day twenty it was my turn to celebrate. I enthusiastically rang the bell declaring I had completed the course and it was finished.

It made me think of how Jesus had risen from the dead and rang the metaphorical bell which sounded throughout all eternity. The sound of victory, rescue, liberty, and the beginning of a new creation had begun because of His death, burial and bodily resurrection. He had undergone the harshest of treatment ever known and had come out the other side and the victory bell had sounded.

A unique event had taken place. Jesus had conquered death and defeated sin and set in motion the wonder of a fresh start and a new beginning.

In George McDonald’s book, The Hope of the Gospel he notes poet Henry Vaughan’s Latin rendition of Romans 8:19, “For the things created, watching with head thrust out, await the revelation of the sons of God.”

As Easter draws near let us revel, party and rejoice in the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus!