I hear a Sound…

God’s Voice calling us is not in lockdown!

In these days of lockdown, I have heard a song. A melody that carries the fragrance of heaven with it. A song which has stirred my heart and captivated my attention. Drawing me to listen. Calling me to participate.

“I hear a sound coming from the mountain, I hear it louder each day. I hear a sound coming from the mountain and it says, prepare the way.

I see the King standing on the mountain, I see Him clearer each day.

I feel God’s love flowing from the mountain, I feel it stronger each day. I feel God’s love flowing from the mountain. And it says, prepare the way.” [1]

The sound of God’s calling to His people. The song over time has become stronger and clearer, even exhilarating. The sound of His voice calling us, drawing His people. A pure and unmistakably fresh sound of loving grace. It’s our King – Jesus!

We, His children are the focus of His love…

The song however, seemed more than just notes sung. But this song carried a calling, an invitation to prepare, to come aside, to wait with expectation.  This melody brought with it a deep new awareness of His master plan.

“Long before He laid down earth’s foundations, He had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of His love, to be made whole and holy by His love.” [2]

As I listened to this heavenly song. I saw believers bringing what I thought were gifts and setting them down on the ground as an offering. But as I looked more closely the ‘gifts’ were labelled.

Human effort

Selfish ambition

Self-centred living

Reasonable ideas

Fear of man




There were too many for me to see. As the parcels were laid down, they instantly burnt up and melted away. It was a scene of purging. In sync with the melting away came beautiful harmonies, clear and magnificent singing. The faces of those who laid down their so-called gifts were radiant with joy and life – pulsating life.

Jesus is Building a Glorious Church

I do not think that this was a vision of the Lord’s return but rather a new day of many believing believers responding to His calling upon their lives. It is His song for our time. Prepare the way for our King. This expression of laying down our best efforts in order to embrace His ways is a genuine and authentic stirring within the Church that Jesus is building today.

by John Langford

[1] Song written by Himmie Gustafson [Published 1976]

[2] Ephesians 1:4 [The Message]