All That God Is

To put this poem by John Beaumont into context we received this email recently from a mutual friend who suggested we might want to post it on Hislife. John’s responsiveness to the Spirit and his love for God’s people is revealed here as he points us to a higher way for us to live and respond in our love for Jesus.

A brief extract taken from an email to a friend…

One Sunday morning while Mary watched a TV programme, I listened as a man sang a song in which each verse began, “All my need, Lord.”  It seemed so plaintive and self-centred. I grabbed a pen and paper and immediately wrote the attached.    I’m convinced that where any kind of need abounds grace always abounds much more.  I thought you may appreciate it and possibly share it where it could bring encouragement and blessing.  I read a comment recently that this generation of believers is often need-centred whereas the early church was God’s-power centred.

All that God is

All your love, Lord, yes, all your love,
Immense as earth and the heavens above,
Has filled and flooded this simple life
And lifted me high above struggle and strife.
You love me now as much as you’ve ever done,
And as much as you ever loved anyone.

All your grace, Lord, yes, all your grace,
Speeding its way through time and space,
You pour out sweet blessing, encouragement, love,
Imparting your life through the indwelling Dove.
I’m strengthened, encouraged, inwardly new,
And seated in Heavenly places with you.

All your glory Lord, yes, all your glory,
Where are words found to carry the story?
Limitless power, majesty, gentleness, love,
Revealed as you choose, as in heaven above.
Your intimate presence is awesome, sublime
And finds me silent and prostrate time after time.

All your power, Lord, yes, all your power
Can accomplish your purpose in my life this hour.
God of creation and its sustainer is He,
Making triumphant living possible for me.
Though least of all, yet with a full trusting heart,
I revel in the joy and peace you impart.

All of my need, Lord? I need nought but you.
Your care leaves no lack; I’m blessed through and through.
I am safe in your hands, fully satisfied too,
Each day without fail you my spirit renew.
Your love is so special and your grace is enough
To carry me through when my day’s very tough.

All your grace, all your glory,
All your love, all your power,
Extended to me each moment each hour
Are a foretaste of heaven
Right here, and right now!
And I love you with all my heart.

A poem written by John Beaumont.