Home at Last

It was last weekend that we heard the sad news. Our very dear friend and father in God John Beaumont went home to be with his Lord. We first met John and Mary in 1979 when they stayed in our home. We often look back on that short stay and realise our lives were completely changed and we would never be the same. Since that time they stayed with us on numerous occasions and their lives always challenged us to walk a higher way with Jesus.

Jenny and I always enjoyed John’s ministry, the Spirit’s anointing while sharing the life, love and grace of Jesus. But it was the example of his consistent way of life [and Mary’s] and trust in Jesus, that spoke so powerfully to us. John was never a well man, which few people realised, and as a result, found travelling difficult. Yet, he set his heart to walk in total obedience to the Lord fully dependent on His amazing grace. One of his favourite texts was “It’s not by might nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord.” [1]  And he walked in this!

Many people across the world were touched and transformed by his deep love for Jesus which was the essence of his ministry. We know that for John he preferred to be a ‘God-filled nobody.’ He will be deeply missed. We are forever grateful to the Lord for his life and ministry and it wouldn’t surprise us if he went through the veil with hands raised singing…………. ‘Home at last!’

[1] Zechariah 4:6