A Free Download – “Living Beyond The Borders”

FREE download for YOU!  “Living Beyond The Borders – A Guide to Boundless Living.”

Why the book was written and for Who?

I started off by writing this small book for my own benefit. I think it helped to see where we had come from and where we were going to. In other words, our calling and purpose. While writing I began to think about friends  we have connected with during our time in South Africa and the UK. Having spent years in ministry this small book gives insight into how people believe. And, more importantly, the link between believing and living out what they believe.

The next generation was yet another aspect of my thinking while writing. If you are going to write then it must be easy to read and understand without compromise. That was my purpose. Some friends came back to me and said, “That was an easy read!” or “I read your short book in a couple of hours!”  You can read some of the comments HERE

Most of the hard copies have now gone but my friend Wayne Jacobsen  (CLICK on his name to read review) has been such an encouragement to me. He said, “Why don’t you get this small book out on your website in pdf?” Well, here it is for free download until 15th August.  You can download this first short book in a trilogy I am writing by clicking on the image of the front cover. Download it completely FREE! One last thing. It would be helpful to get some feedback from you. Enjoy the read.