Jesus is building His Church…His way!


We spent our last weekend with wonderful friends and have returned refreshed and encouraged by all that Father does in our lives. It is a privilege to see the ‘family likeness’ and to enjoy the fellowship of those whose hearts are set in walking in the freedom of life with Jesus. I often reflect on the challenges that we face and yet see the grace of God touching and changing us. We all have a long way to go in learning to walk consistently in His foot steps yet the wonder and awe of seeing that happen is quite amazing!

img_12912We have known Gordon and Susan [left] for over 25 years and have shared the highs and lows of life together. It was rewarding to chat over lunch about Father’s plans for their lives and to know that whatever He has for them our hearts will always be linked together. For us, that is what real Church life is all about.

This is part of our desire to see a Church that is free from the obligation of routine meetings in order to experience a quality of friendship and a fresh sharing of life together. It never ceases to encourage us when we meet with others and  see the grace of God so deeply at work in the lives of people. His people!

“In the church of my dreams a superb heart quality of servanthood, graciousness and gentleness will show itself in anointed, sensitive, inspired and inspiring hearing, caring and sharing.” [Church of my Dreams – John Beaumont]

Tim and Tarryn
Tim and Tarryn

We have known Tim and Tarryn [right] for only 18 months or so but in that time have shared so much life together. They are very dear friends and appreciate the way Father has linked our hearts together.

In the book quoted earlier by John Beaumont there is another statement that is very true. “Hungry hearts will be given open eyes” Open eyes to see the truth of what it means to be in relationship with Father God. To know His love, care and ever so amazing grace each day! That is wonder and awe!

Enjoyment and laughter and particularly the latter is like the oil of gladness. Honest, deep and sincere laughter is for us an expression of great joy. May we continue to experience so much more of this together. The inner joy that reflects the heart of a loving, joy-filled Father.

Stan and Mavis
Stan and Mavis

Our dear friends Stan and Mavis Firth are always an inspiration who certainly live out their lives in the grace of God. It was so good to see them over this weekend at Tim and Tarryn’s home.

Since walking free of routine meetings we have seen so much more of Father’s intention to set His people free to be who they were meant to be. What a delight to share in the lives of these dear people who have contributed so much to our own lives.

These and many other friends have given us courage to go on. They have made us feel like family. We have seen aspects of God’s character that have challenged us deeply. There is so much more to fellowship life that we want to enter into and ever so much more that our loving heavenly Father has for each of us.

To think back over the years and see all the people He has bought into our lives fills our hearts with such appreciation and gratitude. It also convinces us that Jesus is indeed building His Church… His way.         See you soon!