The Fire of God – by John Beaumont

This is another excerpt from an excellent book by John Beaumont called, “The Church of My Dreams”


It was a beautiful picture!

The Lord Jesus was standing in the centre of a gathering of His people. In the Spirit I could see Him clearly. They seemed to be aware of His presence, but were not able to see Him. Wholehearted love for Him was being corporately expressed in various precious ways. A deep thrill gripped my inner being as I gazed with wonder at His delight in their worship. What joy and love shone forth from His countenance in response! I was gripped by a recognition of the depth of His desire to be the focus of the fully expressed love of His dear ones and of His appreciation of their pure love for Him.

What an amazing gown Jesus wore as I looked upon Him in my vision. He was robed with fire! Oblivious to those around me, I stood in silent awe in the majestic presence of One who simultaneously manifests both gracious humility and regal grandeur. I saw how He is touched by the love flowing from their hearts. Now I saw the response from His heart.

His presence among them and delight in them combined to bring supernatural blessing. How can one describe such a thing?

I saw the Lord, the King of Glory! His robe of fire seemed to swirl around Him like a living thing. Tongues of fire swung out until they touched those that were gathered about Him. They settled upon the head of some people. Fingers of fire seemed to touch others in heart and hand, or ear and tongue or face and feet. Some seemed to be enveloped in the fire of God!

“Lord,” my heart whispered, “I need your fire so very much. In all of my life I need the touch of your fingers of flame. Every day of my life let me know this sacred sphere of fire!”


To live so near to Him! To be totally sensitive to His desires! To express my love with my whole heart in every step of life. To know His life -touch so that He might find joy in me, be glorified through me, and be confident in my constant availability to Him! This is the deepest yearning of my heart.

Little wonder that tears flowed gently as I bowed before Him! Thank God He has not spared me from tears of wonder, sensitivity, love and full response to the moving and manifestations of His Holy Spirit!

I received this vision at a gathering of a few folk early one morning in Dublin. We were waiting on the Lord for direction and blessing in regard to a gathering of saints over the coming Easter season. We had become wearied by words. We knew that God is not as verbose as preachers are, and we knew that “The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but power.” If it were in words most of us would be much further ahead and many Christian leaders would be in the vanguard of a glorious procession rather than in danger of missing it altogether!

Our cry was that our living, loving Lord would show himself in the midst of His people with awesome manifestation of His grace and power.

The vision seemed too sacred for me to share that morning as we sought the Lord together.

A fresh glimpse of He who is robed with fire came to me in the first meeting that Easter and I spoke of it at the gathered throng. A highly esteemed brother shared with me, “Just before you spoke about the fire of God I saw tongues of fire in every window of the building.”

How sorry I feel for those who have clear vision of earthly things and yet neither see nor expect to see reality in the realm of the Spirit. Please don’t dare dismiss as “Just a visionary, a dreamer” anyone who shares the spiritual dimension of his walk with Christ!