The Monologue Sermon!


I enjoyed this part of Raj’s book and thought it might whet your appetite to get a copy for yourself…

The Practice of Sunday Monologue [Sermon] is Greek [Pagan] in origin.

“The Bible was ‘chained’ by the institutional church, but by God’s grace through the Reformers it is now available to people. Everyone can read, study and practise it for themselves. Theology was never meant to be the preserve of a few scholars, but now it is an academic subject.” Karl Barth [God in Action p. 57] says, “In the Church there are really no non-theologians. Every believer is a theologian if we use the term ‘theology’ correctly.” [Italics – quote from book]

“The Jews never majored on theology, the concept of which is Greek in origin. They studied the Scriptures interactively and in depth, as God’s revelation for them to live by. But in the Church, the interactive study of the Word of God was replaced by the Greek monologue/Homily. Homily [lecture or sermon] is the invention of the Greeks.”

This excerpt  is just a teaser, to encourage you to get a copy of the book.  There is much more to be said about  the Hebrew and Greek influences within the Church today.  We seem to take on board so much that our leaders dish up without question – to our detriment. There is new life available for those who will take hold of that which the Spirit of God is wanting for our lives, and run with it.

The above is taken from the book,  “Church Outside The Walls” by Raj Samuel. You can order copies of this very good book direct from Raj. His email address is