Church Outside The Walls


We came across this book after chatting with David Rice in Ireland. He and Kevin Smith had visited Raj and Lynda Samuel in Dundee, Scotland. On our return from the Emerald Isle we made contact with them and asked if they would share something of their journey with us. I have added his response further on.

The book, “Church Outside The Walls” has been born out of a desire for a return to Biblical Christianity. Raj makes no apology for what he has written in this book. That is what makes this book so refreshing and worth reading.  Because we do not know the author  here is a quote from Derek Westwood who is a personal friend.

“Some may see this paper as too radical, but a careful reading will reveal a timely and penetrating analysis of how creeping institutionalisation has stifled the Holy Spirit’s vibrancy, not only in the mainstream denominations but in the newer groupings that see themselves as Charismatic or Pentecostal.”


img_01263I was raised in the Anglican church (south India as a boy chorister) and was converted and experienced the Holy Spirit [alone] in 1964. I was involved with a team of ordinary Christian people for village evangelism and the Lord did some extraordinary things – the sick and possessed were prayed for and delivered.

Still my understanding of the Church was bound by my own traditional thinking. I went to study in the evenings for a degree in Theology. My thirst for knowing the Lord and understanding the Bible continued to grow. I have always had a passion for reading theological books and learning about God’s revealed truth – for me my ‘journey’ is about receiving new revelations.

My main convictions are: Every believer is the body of Christ, being organically connected to Him and other believers in the body. Every believer is a priest of Christ. Christ continues His ministry now, out there in the world, through every believer. The purpose of believers coming together is to nurture, train and equip one another for ministry. [Not to form a permanent spiritual club]. The church is an organic body, not a corporate body. The Bible teaches that the body of Christ is, both individually and collectively, built purely on relationships.


I began to see the ill effects of institutions/organisations, which stifle the life and ministry of individual believers. Raj has now written down his ideas in this book,  “Church Outside The Walls” and you can order copies of the book from them. Raj and Lynda Samuel can be contacted by email: