Please, Lord!

Your problems are pathways with Christ by your side
Your trials are triumphs when He is your guide
For He is Almighty, His love's without end
And He will watch o'er you, this wonderful friend.
If you serve the Saviour the Christ of the Cross
If you trust Him truly and count all else loss
A new joy He'll give you and peace will He send
If He's yours as He's mine this wonderful friend.
Lost folk need the fullness of life in the Lord
The sure hope of heaven that faith can afford
Our need is for fire that comes from above
For tears and for travail - hearts burning with love.
The Church needs the newness of heaven's fresh air
The fruit and the fragrance of Jesus so fair
Away with the structures of dominant men
Taste New Testament simplicity over again.
I lay down my life now, fill all that I lack
The need is too urgent to hold something back
God please send the fire my all to consume
That out of the ashes your glory shall bloom.

Lord save from the self life, Lord please hear my call
And flood all my being, Christ be all in all
O God rend the heavens and let the fire fall
Prepare now your bride, and reign over all.

[by John Beaumont]