The Travel Narrative

The Travel Narrative

The passage of Scripture found between Luke 9 through to chapter 19 has often been called the travel narrative. It is this section of The Salvation Story in Luke’s Gospel that opens up a commentary on Jesus’ journey between Galilee and Jerusalem. This compelling narrative has for me been an incredibly eye-opening revelation experience. Because there are striking similarities between our present-day western society and Jesus’ walk through Samaria. Some of you will be aware that one must travel through Samaria in order to reach Jerusalem. Without allowing Himself to be distracted Jesus sets Himself to walk purposefully without hesitation through a region that would be unreceptive to the Good News that Jesus declared. So, He spoke in parables or stories.

A Beautiful Encounter

It was in the early days of our ministry within a particular denomination. I had been asked by one of the leaders if I would visit a couple of families with him one evening. An unforgettable and moving visit was with an elderly lady who lived alone. Soon after we sat down I asked her if she was a Christian. Her response was to tell me she had been going to our particular brand of the church all her life. In my zeal, I pressed the point. I repeated the question and explained the difference between attending a place and knowing a Person. Our conversation concluded in her wanting to give her life over to Jesus. After praying, her face, wet with tears and I will never forget her words, “I could just die now!”  She had been touched by God’s love and convicted of her need for Him. We left her home glad that this lady who had attended a church building for over forty years had at last met the Person of Jesus. What a difference.

‘Tell Your Story’ is our commentary about Jesus and His conversations with people. The text will hopefully whet your appetite and create expectancy when you are with people. No meeting over coffee or a passing greeting in the street is wasted, no conversation lost when our hearts are set on pleasing Jesus and walking in a keen sensitivity towards the Spirit of God. God loves people in a way that will at times take us beyond our comfort zones. But, we can count on Him to touch others with the life that repels death. But to get a better idea of the story why not read Luke for yourself. And let me encourage you, we are called to be witnesses of all that we have seen and experienced. It is the Holy Spirit who initiates the work of conversion. Enjoy and expect!

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