The Story Behind The Story – We Need His Grace

The story behind the story seems to be the phrase that comes to mind each time I am drawn into a conversation on some aspect of why I wrote “Living Beyond The Borders – A Guide To Boundless Living.”  (Available through Amazon by Clicking the Link).  I am excited at the prospect of writing a post on the story behind the story of this little project. And, hoping that it will help others understand the background and motivation behind this short book.

This might surprise some but when I completed the first draft of this book I was prepared to lay down the project and walk away from it.  After all, I felt personally satisfied after completing the task. Obviously that did not happen.


Embarking on a new project or skill is always a great teacher. And, I think to hold it lightly and see humility as a friend throughout the entire process is wise. I need to say that out of this personal writing project I have learned once again, that it is all about Jesus. That may seem obvious to you but let me spell that out a little. I believe that we all ‘have a story’ within us. This short book was part of our own travels. I felt like an apprentice learning the trade. Writing and engaging with the Lord in a most life giving way!

I would be writing about living beyond the borders and He would gently nudge me with an invitation to listen to His explanation of what that meant. Or, He would ask me a question relating to what I was writing. It was both a challenge and a delight. Part of the challenge was to write without using cliches and to express myself simply without compromising the Truth within God’s Book, The Bible. I have a long way to go but it reminded me of my walk with Him over the many years since I was completely changed within.


The writing was pitched at the next generation and in particular those who have spent years within an organised church. Those who need a fresh touch from the Lord after years of being subjected to human control and the religion of reasoning. It was also to portray God’s Book as a beautiful love story of redemption and grace. And with this in mind to encourage people to read The Story for themselves with fresh eyes and open hearts.

Without a doubt there is a very real need for a fresh stirring or awakening within the hearts of God’s people. A fresh empowering of those younger believers who have become complacent and half hearted. A powerful immersion of God’s grace for those of us who have walked this road for many years and have become too familiar with our surroundings.


The story behind the story is to live in dependence upon the God of All Grace. Without Him I have nothing and am nothing. It is All Him. If nothing else, our prayer for the reader would be that the Holy Spirit would be given full permission to freshly ignite our lives in a powerful new way. So that we might BE the people of His Presence. We long for that to happen within our own lives. It is a distinctive of the Church that Jesus is building and it is a desperate and searching world that needs to experience the God who was and is and is to come!