John Beaumont’s Books

John Beaumont’s Books

We have been friends of John and Mary Beaumont for over thirty years. We are often asked if there are copies of John’s books available for download as they are mostly out of print now. So, here they are.  Please share and download for your encouragement.

Primary Emphasis 

This is a beautiful unveiling of our Lord’s desire for His Bride. This is the first in a series of booklets by John encouraging an on-going intimacy with Jesus. Too often, we see a ‘bless me’ message offered to the Church. John has presented a powerful ‘bless Him’ alternative which will be well received by believers who wish to become ‘Lovers.’



Precious Moments

This booklet is the second in a series of booklets about on-going intimacy with Jesus. This is a beautiful devotional booklet which will encourage your heart to become a worshipper of God as a way of life. Quiet meditations for those yearning for intimate fellowship with Jesus.
One of a series of booklets by John encouraging on-going intimacy with Jesus.
Times in the presence of our Lord Jesus are always precious. In this devotional John directs the reader towards the Lord Jesus and the intimate fellowship that awaits us in Him. If your heart yearns for the Lord, it will find happy repose in the pages of this book.


Your Life His Glory 

Our desire should be that we become that which satisfies Jesus, who has redeemed us with His own blood. This booklet will help us to be God-centred in our thinking about what we are doing and about the direction the Church is taking. May we move forward to fulfil Paul’s declaration: “Unto Him be Glory in the Church, both now and evermore.” This is the message of this third booklet,“Your Life, His Glory”

This little booklet is the third in the series encouraging an on-going intimacy with Jesus.


Open Windows 

Let us joyfully anticipate Father sending fresh breezes and fresh sunlight into our lives through our open windows of eager desire, so that we may be kept vibrantly alive, spiritually alert, and ever eager to move into the new dimensions of His exciting purposes for us.

“Unless a person has learned to habitually magnify the Lord within the normal concerns of daily living, it is very likely that adversity or danger will bring an emphasis on the need and problem rather than on the Lord.”


God In My Dreams 

This book is about dreaming the dreams of God, to be visionary, to respond to revelation; these are the desires deep in God’s heart for all of us. In this book, the revelation of Jesus to His Bride as she fragrantly worships Him with love songs is wonderfully expressed as an experience to be constantly enjoyed.

As you read this book, give your heart to Him, yield your will to His Will and allow the Father Himself to draw you to depths of fellowship and intimacy that you may have never experienced. This has always been His anticipation and joy for His people.

The Church of My Dreams 

This book gives revelatory insights into the revolutionary Church of tomorrow. There is a Church in God’s heart free from intimidation and fear – free from legalism and traditionalism. It has no ritual or lifeless routine; no guile, pretence or hidden agendas. Jesus is Lord of this Church – His Presence and His love abide there. Folks are free to discover the richness of His fellowship, the fullness of His purpose and the depths of His redemptive work.

I am convinced that large numbers of believers in many lands have a God-given desire to see a break-through from the impasse of today’s best standards of church life into a place where the Lord Jesus Christ is so wonderfully glorified in His people that all the earth takes startled notice of God’s reigning presence in and among His people.


Revelatory Adventure

Do you desire to see the Lord Jesus revealed on this earth in the fullness of His glory so that the world cannot but acknowledge Him?
Do you long to see His Body respond freely and fully to His promptings? Do you yearn for His love to touch those who do not yet know Him?
Do you desire to see an end to the staleness that comes from man-centred activity in the Church? Do you personally wish to walk before the Lord in a way that satisfies both Him and you, free from man’s expectations and the dulling effect of religious activity?
If so, this book will make your heart sing!

A God Filled Nobody

This is a book about the amazing grace of God. John shares heartwarming experiences of it in his own life and ministry over the years. He writes of first-hand participation in revival outpouring and audaciously gives insights into a lifestyle that is even better than that, by the mercies of the God of all grace.