As a follow up to our initial post “A Call To Pray” we mentioned that prior to this weekend we would be sending out some updates.

Our previous update was about preparation and now we want to look at the importance of focus. However, before we do let’s clarify a couple of things. Firstly, the weekend of prayer is for anyone with a desire to pray. You may not necessarily meet with others but feel to be alone. It may also be that you pray with just 2 or 3 people or many.

How do we focus?

There is value in starting with  the prayer of David found in Psalm 86:11, “…give me an undivided heart that I might fear your name.” God’s immense grace helps to focus our hearts and minds. We are also challenged in Colossians 3:1-3  to ‘set’ our hearts and minds on Christ.  As we ‘set’ our hearts and minds upon Jesus He will show us who and what we are to be praying for and with whom we are to pray.

“God does nothing but in answer to prayer.” –   John Wesley

See you again soon…