And Spreading The Flame

“And Spreading The Flame” is an article written by John Beaumont to encourage believers to take whatever steps are necessary in response to the Holy Spirit’s call upon their lives. This article is written out of a lifetime of experiencing the grace and goodness of God. In John’s own words,

“In this booklet, I have shared my heart and life. You will have sensed my earnestness. Let me ask therefore that you don’t lightly reject anything you may not understand or may disagree with.
Please ponder these things and seek God about them. You well may listen carefully to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit, just as I have shown in what I have written. This could be more important than you know.”

How we long to experience both in this generation and the next a people so deeply in love with Jesus, and the world so powerfully touched by His grace!  My own feeling about this article is that it is significant and to be read with a wide-open heart.

And spreading the flame