Captivated by a Spirit of Joy

John BeaumontCaptivated By A Spirit of Joy

We are called to an everlasting pre-occupation with Jesus. To be captivated by a Spirit of Joy. How marvellous and what an impact that would have on those around us including neighbours and work colleagues. We are called to this way of life and given the capacity to live fully in the good of it because He has made the way possible for each of us. In other words, His grace is enough!

How encouraging, heart warming and timely this article is. “Chronic”  is an article recently published by our dear friend John Beaumont and it carries with it such encouragement.

Here is an excerpt:

“I wonder if there are chronics in the spiritual realm with no negative aspects at all? In other words, are there positive and beautiful things in my life that are long-term and have really become a part of who I am? I would love that! It always seems sad whenever a believer enters into a delightful experience in the Lord, but then before long it seems to ebb away so that they aren’t much different than before.”

May your heart be deeply encouraged through what he has written. You can download the pdf  HERE.