Are You In The Dream?

CHAPTER 8 Taken from a chapter of John Beaumont’s book, “He’s Here!”

All that is shared in this booklet either came to me as I set my heart towards a recent visit to Ireland, came to me during our time there, or was revealed to me within a week or so of returning home. I want to share a dream received in Dublin, and ask you to consider whether and where you fit into it. In the dream I did recognise quite a number of people, but have no intention of making known who any of them were.
In the dream I saw a very long building. It was at least a mile long, even though I could not see either end of it. Because of its length it looked quite narrow,  although that was not the case.    The name of the building was something like “Pilgrim’s Rest.” I could not see the sign board very clearly, but I knew that it was a stop-over place for believers on pilgrimage, who were looking for a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.
There were many rooms in the building and I was able to see into them all, as though I was above it and it had a see-through roof. Everything was very pleasant. In one room I could see a group of happy believers sharing a meal together and chatting about the Lord Jesus. In another room several people were on their knees with open Bibles. In some rooms folk were chatting, in others simply enjoying a season of rest. Rooms with people sharing fellowship over a relaxed meal, rooms with people praying, rooms where a brother or sister shared earnestly with someone else – it all looked so healthy and good.
Mostly I saw twos and threes together, maybe six or seven around a meal table, and on occasion nine or ten believers sharing together. Even in the dream I felt encouraged and quite delighted with what I saw.
How strange! I was observing an odd event. The rooms were being suddenly placed in a different position in the building. At times a room half way along the building was suddenly at the far end of the long structure.    At other times a room was suddenly very close to the near end of the building, which was where the exit was for those moving on in their pilgrimage.
Now I was over the exit end of the building looking back towards the entrance end. Back there was a very large landscape window where those who wanted to do so could look back over the route they had taken thus far on their journey. They could see many miles back down the climbing route they had come, noticing where the ascent had been particularly steep or difficult and where it had been gentle and easy.    They were even able to see, what to a few seemed to be increasingly pleasant and appealing, places a long way back, down on the distant plains.
The sight before me at the entrance end was no longer pleasant. I saw folk eating, eating and eating more, and speaking out their desire for nicer food, as they had enjoyed on the plains. I heard some who had eaten hugely speaking out, “I am hungry.” They were wanting yesterday’s kind of food.
I saw a large bathroom with an exceptionally large bath in it. The plug was in, taps were full on, and the bath was overflowing with water flooding everywhere. In my dream I spoke to a young person I recognised, who was standing outside the bathroom door.    I commented about the plug, the taps and the flooded room.    The young person said,    “I have just had a bath. I had a bath before that, just an hour or two ago, and a bath before that, and another before that.  I need another bath! I can’t get clean!”  It seemed very sad.
Believers near that end of the building were doing the kind of things I had noted before.  Some were earnestly praying, Some were sitting around a table with open Bibles, some were engaged in a little religious ceremony of one kind or another, and so on, and so on.
Understanding was given me as to why some of the rooms were suddenly and instantaneously moved to one end of the building, or the other. At the entrance end, good believers were content to repeat activities and actions that they had engaged in before.    They were doing the things, now probably best described as religious things that, in freshness and newness, had brought them on pilgrimage and into this very place.
I saw vain repetition. I saw value being placed on religious rites and other things of an external, visible nature. I saw many dissatisfied folk who were looking around for someone to teach them and lead them. A brother was speaking out, “Follow me, and I will take you back to the safe and comfortable place where you once dwelt.    After all, you were satisfied when you were there, weren’t you. Think about those good times we shared together there.”    I saw some who were glad that they had come to this point, and who were content to stay where they now were.
Oh for the day when the church wholeheartedly honours and hearkens to the Spirit the Teacher, all through life learning from Him and responding to His voice.
The dream changes.    The whole building begins to shake and tremble, as does the earth beneath and around it. Soon the shaking increases in violence until I am seeing a major earthquake.    I see the building twisting, and the landscape window breaking and collapsing.    In my dream I speak out, “I must tell David, the landscape window has gone!”
There was a huge upheaval in the ground immediately beneath the building.    I see a massive gap opening up right through the middle of it. The gulf is deep and wide, and appears to stretch from one horizon to the other. I hear a voice, “This is the chasm of Kadesh.”
That in itself was quite remarkable.    It had been ages since I had read of Kadesh, or even thought about it for a moment.

For further reading “He’s Here!” Book to be made available in pdf soon.