New Book by Stan Firth


A new book by Stan Firth called “The Remarkable Replacement Army” An allegory from the past – pointing to a vibrant Christian lifestyle for the future.

At the beginning of this book, a thought-provoking prophecy emerges,  a prophecy that should encourage sincere followers of Jesus Christ, in these days when so much that is negative seems to be happening in Christian circles. The prophecy is linked to a true story, which tells how a popular King, many years ago, followed-up the progressive defeat of his national Army, in a surprisingly effective way. The prophecy declares that a positive future lies ahead for Christian people who are willing to adopt a somewhat different lifestyle to the one to which they have been accustomed. The most extensive part of the book consists of biblical encouragements and challenges for those who accept the prophecy. There is a wealth of New-Testament-based guidance for Christian living in the changing conditions of the 21st Century.

This book is now available from by clicking on this link – The Remarkable Replacement Army

On a personal note we have known Stan and Mavis for more than twelve years now and this book is an expression of their responsive walk with the Lord. This story has come out of a real conviction that the Lord has a very real purpose for His people and is a follow on from his companion book called, “Custom & Command” (also available at Lulu).

We highly commend this book to you for encouragement and help in these very challenging days.