Helping others – David Fredrickson

David Fredrickson

Helping Others – David Fredrickson

We met David in Ireland a couple of years ago at a gathering of believers from across the world. It was a significant time for all of us. I recently asked him if he would answer some questions which might be helpful in bringing encouragement to God’s family.

David is involved in the writing and producing aspect of Family Room Media. He enjoys meeting with individuals or groups who are longing to be free from religious bondage and often comes alongside pastors and leaders who are wanting to move away from a religious approach to church life. David is also a certified counselor specializing in marriage and family counselling. David has been married to his best friend, Rachel, for 35 years. Their daughter, Lauryn lives with her husband, Jesse, less than ten minutes from her parent’s home in Citrus Heights.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What you do, your family, interests etc.

Most of my energy is focused on helping others in the body of Christ transition from religion to relationship. This generally involves responding to emails, phone calls as well as meeting with folks personally either in my area or abroad. As I write this I am meeting with a group of people in another state who are at different stages of the journey. Some time is spent writing as well.

2. What do you see God doing in his church in the last couple of years?

I see Him opening the eyes and hearts of an increasing number of his church to see the futility of man’s religion and the beauty of His true nature as he leads them into freedom in Christ and intmacy with Him. Others who have been out of the religious system for some time are losing their attachments to the rest of the world systems as well and are no longer basing their identity on nationality, social status, etc. but soley In Christ. He’s preparing a people who are returning to the basics of forsaking all to follow Christ to be a true expression of his church as those who are knit together in love and living out true community while moved with compassion for those that don’t yet know Him. He is allowing external crisis such as economic collapse to act as a catalyst and wake-up call.

3. Tell us about the way you ‘do’ church.

We don’t follow any formula or method that define’s ‘doing’ church. We’re focusing on strengthening relationships, in being a community that lives naturally in the ‘one another’s,’ makes friends of those that don’t yet know Christ and tasks together as the Spirit leads. Gatherings are not our primary focus although they occur at various times in homes, coffee shops, etc. Occasionally a group may meet regularly for a season. Currently I felt prompted to meet for a season with five other men with foundational gifts. We simply come together with no agenda except to hear what Father would say to us. Each time has been unique and has been catalytic in our lives as far as renewed passion and fresh vision. Perhaps God will unfold his larger purpose as we continue listening to him.

4. How would you encourage a believer who is struggling with organised church and feels there must be something more?

I would first find out what their motives for attending church are. This helps to define their concept of church and what they believe encourages their relationship with God and others to grow. This may lead to the consideration of redefining church and in helping them to separate pure and simple devotion to God from religious obligation. In any case I would encourage them to focus on developing meaningful relationships with others who are satisfied with nothing less than freedom in Christ, intimacy with God and genuine relationship with one another.
You can read more about what David does by visiting their website at Family Room Media.