WORSHIP – verb ‘proskuneo’ [pros – ‘towards’ kuneo – ‘to kiss’]

There’s an open door in heaven
And One seated upon the throne
Come up here and see
And I will show you the things I have in my heart
Things which eye has not seen.

To those who love Me
Love Me from a pure heart
Kiss towards and bow down at My feet
To hear and know Me
To know my heart and mind
Come and worship Me.

These words are part of a song that the Lord gave to me which captured and expressed the deepest desire of my heart some years ago and still do today. This is all about a place, (not geographical but internal) a calling and a walk of hidden intimacy. Worship is a way of life and is more a journey rather than a single experience!

This was an open door of invitation from the Father to ‘come away’ if you like and gaze upon Jesus. I am increasingly mindful that to live an effective public life there must of necessity be a priority place for hidden and private engagement with Jesus!

When this happens the heart is revitalised and deeply fulfilled, we are refreshed and able to face a world with new eyes and overflow with Him.
If eternal life or a ‘life without boundaries’ is to know God then surely everything within us should long to walk in that each day of our lives, with His help?

Let us not be afraid of this intimacy, for it is the Father’s pleasure purpose for us and the place of amazing fulfilment.

How do we come to this place? I am convinced that it is not through perspiration or cleverness; neither can we limit this walk to something we do in gatherings. No. it is life itself. A.W. Tozer says, “We are called to an everlasting preoccupation with God.” It is our choice to include Jesus in all that we do.

If we submit ourselves to His care and see all that we do as an expression of gratitude to the Lord, our lives will be changed. When thank you is the expression of our hearts for all that He is to us there will be fresh wonder in our lives! He wants to be kissed for all that He is and not only for all that He does.

Let us set our hearts and minds to worship Jesus with boundless confidence, adore and kiss towards so that He might take pleasure in us and we may know sweet satisfaction and experience a transformed heart.

‘Come and worship Me!’

[by John Langford]