Last week I attempted to tell a modern-day story because I have found Jesus to be the best ‘metaphorical theologian’ and Storyteller I know. I thought I would continue where I left off. You can read last week’s post HERE.

You’ve probably guessed, I took the plunge and decided to embark on this pilgrimage. There were still some questions going through my mind, but I experienced an inner confidence that my decision was the right one. As promised, I was immediately introduced to my guide. There was something quite different about his character that I could trust which opened my eyes to see travelling life in a completely new way. I had never seen or experienced anything quite like him before.


This pilgrimage was an investment I thought. Why more people did not take up this offer puzzled me. Maybe it has something to do with the same uncertainty I went through. The unanswered questions and the temptation to walk away from this offer. In those moments when I felt distracted, I spent time thinking how I would review this pilgrimage if asked by the world’s largest travel platform. Temptation to take a diversion along the way distracted me momentarily but without fail my guide was right there beside me. His strong support and gentle wisdom drew me in ways that overwhelmed my temptation to depart from the course.


In the early stages of this pilgrimage, I felt that a vital key for me to complete this A-Z journey was to spend as much time as possible with my guide. In those moments when my own stupidity prevailed, he would look at me not in judgement but with deep care which never failed to surprise me.

Of course, I initially asked myself, “How can I spend more time with this guide?” He is probably very busy looking after everyone else. But I was proved wrong yet again in my assumption. He was there every time I looked! Without a doubt, it seemed that we were developing a close bond. One which he was far better at prioritising than me.


Personal conversations with this guide seemed to be his priority on this tour. I had been on other tours and when faced with a problem I was handed a self-help brochure which had plenty of detail but lacked substance and disconnected me from the way forward. I sensed that information was not the answer on this journey. It had to do more with relationship between me and my leader and his gift, as I called it, of imparting help through wisdom that was simple to understand and readily available. And yet, another puzzling thought……….. these simple instructions seemed to form a part of who I was becoming. A flesh and blood kind of experience.

Anyway, I just keep taking one step at a time, always learning, and growing. What an exciting pilgrimage this is turning out to be!

READ Psalm 84