Inferiority complex!

A second question asked by Julie after reading one of John Beaumont’s  books…

Now, your other question, “Could you please tell me a bit more about the inferiority complex you had, and how you feel God overcame that in you.”

When I was young I heard on several occasions that “There is level ground at the Cross.” It gradually sunk into my understanding that anything of true value in a person’s life is not because of themselves, but because the Lord Jesus died for them, and this is as equally true for me as for anyone. I could accept that I am only what I am by grace alone, and that is true for everyone.

Much of my inferiority came from the shame I felt over being my father’s son. For ages I wouldn’t let anyone touch me, thinking that they may become morally contaminated because my father’s blood was in my veins.

At some stage it dawned on me that there was a message for me in the fact that to graft a shoot of one kind of apple into another apple tree [for example] meant that the shoot had to be cut off from its original tree. I realised the truth that in being grafted into Christ, the living vine, I was spiritually cut off from my natural rootage. that was now in Him. I don’t know if that makes sense to anybody else or not, but it was very liberating for me.

One of the most precious things the Holy Spirit ever did for me was to set me free to be me. I don’t have to compete or compare myself with anyone else, and nor do I have to try to ‘prove’ myself to anyone. The inner ‘amen’ of acceptance that God places in our hearts is of huge value – so that nothing much else is really important. For me, just to be “A God-Filled Nobody” [as my book says] is all I need or aspire to.

As you will realise, I sometimes give long answers to brief questions!! Let me just add one more thing. Set your heart to be delighting yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Trust Him! Tell Him that you are trusting Him to handle your present situation. Tell Him how wonderful He is to you, and that you are trusting Him for grace and strength for this day – each day.

May God bless you my dear sister, beyond anything you ask or think, and may He be your full and satisfying portion now and always.

In the love and joy of Jesus,

[by John Beaumont]