John & Mary

John & Mary

We have been given permission by John to make his books available to you on this website. Most, if not all of the books are now out of print and because of the richness of the life shared in these pages we felt that they deserved a broad and new medium through which to make these available to you.

We have been privileged to know John & Mary over the last thirty years and are grateful to Jesus for the godly input we have received as a result of our friendship. They have  lived their lives as ‘God-filled nobodies’ and touched the hearts of so many people across the globe while travelling. They now live in Christchurch, New Zealand. They can be contacted by email – at  johnbeAT   May you be inspired, encouraged, challenged, convicted and urged on to follow Jesus with such wholehearted joy that nothing else matters, but a deep inner conviction to please the Lord.

Booklets & Articles by John Beaumont

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