A God filled Nobody!

A God Filled Nobody We have several copies of this excellent book by John Beaumont, “A God Filled Nobody” available to anyone who would like one. We feel that rather than leave them in a box we will send them out ‘free of charge’ to those who would like a copy or copies.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone and we will endeavour to post them to you. If you would like to contribute towards the postage that would be appreciated.


This is an attempt to share some of life’s experiences and lessons in such a way that it becomes solely a testimony to the grace of God. On the other hand, the blame for every flaw, fault and failure is mine alone. Over the years I have asked Father to allow me to be, and remain, a hidden man, even though frequently in the public eye, only aspiring to be a God filled nobody.

“…to put it a little differently, divine grace is all that God is, made available for all that I lack, to enable me to be all that He chooses.”

We highly recommend this book