Thank you for Making it Worthwhile…

Thank you for making this writing project worthwhile. It has been an expanding experience in so many ways. Conversations, fresh insights and most important – prayer! You may have noticed that the link to the FREE download has now been removed. However, to make it easier to access this short book we have made it available on Amazon in Kindle format. Click HERE to buy.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to you today! Thank you to those who made a point of sharing their thoughts and encouragement –  how we all need to be part of that process. We appreciate the generosity of kind people for sharing their resources to help us with the cost of the book. Thank you to those friends who have been involved within the conversation of what it means to live daily beyond the borders. Thank you also to those who have asked wise and perceptive questions. These questions usually seem to add purpose to our thinking. Having written “Living Beyond The Borders – A Guide To Boundless Living,” I am inspired by God’s grace in helping some people, including myself to take that ‘next step’ on the  Jesus Way. That’s what counts! Thank you…

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