What are the keys to continuing freshness in your love relationship with the Lord Jesus?

To be honest with you the idea of keys doesn?t enter into it, as far as I am concerned.  I am not spending time thinking about my relationship or how this is happening, I am just enjoying fellowship with Him as He showers His love on me and I respond to Him.

What do you experience of the Holy Spirit?s speaking and leading in your every day life?

From time to time I feel Him prompting me to do something, quite spontaneously, and feel an amazing state of rest about it.  Yes, I ask Him questions and pray for people but it is incidental to the communion I have with Him. I feel an enormous amount of love for people; I can feel Him loving others through me.

Can you describe your everyday communication with God? Has this changed much since you first gave your life to Christ?

It is now like it was when I was 14 years old and knew nothing about the scriptures. Everything was so new and fresh in those days. It was spontaneous then, and it is again now.  I didn?t try to theologise God then, and I am not doing it now.  I am eating the living bread and drinking the living waters. More often than not when I read the Bible I start weeping, not from sadness but from joy.

What is worship to you these days? How does it play a part in your everyday life?

Every breath I take is worship of Him, not a conscious choice of making a decision to worship Him.  Each time I walk and sing, or tell Him how great He is and I feel overwhelmed by His love.

What is your experience of blessings and disappointments in your relationship with other believers?

There used to be some anger and resentment but that has all dissipated.  I honestly don?t even feel that my job is to persuade others to change their ways, only just to love them. Yes I may tell them of my freedom, but I don?t feel that it is my place to persuade them to do likewise.

What is your present understanding of local church life, leadership and structure?

I honestly don?t have a current opinion on the matter.  I used to have strong views on this subject but I am not sure now, and don?t even feel that I will find out soon.

What 2 or 3 things have become increasingly important to you over the period since you first trusted in the Lord?

I see the folly of thinking God wants my works for Him to prove that I love Him.  I see that it is important to rest in Him, and to enter His rest.   I want Him to keep on pouring His love into my heart. This will always generates faith and love, and the fruit of the Spirit.

What 2 or 3 things become have quite unimportant/ meaningless/ valueless to you since God ?turned your life around??

Men?s opinions are worth very little. Worrying about money and material things are valueless. Even trying to find my calling is unimportant.  The thing of utmost importance to me now is to love Him, then everything else fades will fade into obscurity.

At the present time, what is your main area of desire, concern or aspiration?

I want to make Him happy.  I realise that nothing else matters. All my aspirations and desires for other things are fading away.

Herman Jansen van Vuuren, Cowes, IoW